Challenge JHBuild: Complete :)

Hi everybody, yesterday I installed JHBuild in my laptop.

Today I’m going to talk about this experience and I want you to know the mistakes that I’ve made installing JHBuild.

Well, the first thing that I had to do is to clon the JHBuild in the terminal of Fedora 23 with this command git clone git://

Here we have some screenshots:1.jpgBefore that, I had to put this command ./autogen.sh2.jpg


And there were 4 warnings telling me that was missing the aclocal, automake, autopoint and yelp-tools, in this part we didn’t know how to solve this warnings, but Julita had an idea, she suggested us to install all of them and we started with yelp-tools 


Then we wrote again ./ to check if it was solved and it was 😀 so we expected that for the rest of them

4.jpgWe wrote sudo dnf install automake and it solved two (autoconf and automake) by one command, that was great5.jpg

But, we had a problem with the last one because there wasn’t a package called autopoint, at first we were dissapointed hahaha but we talk with Martin and he told us to write the package gettext-(the part that was missing) and it worked!! Thanks Martin 🙂




And when it was done we wrote again ./  and there wasn’t warnings anymore :3 and finally the  terminal said that I had to write make to compile jhbuild and here we can see that I did.


Then we have to write jhbuild sanitycheck, and we have to look for the packages that are missing and we did that, you can see in this screenshots




Before we installed all the packages, we have to write again jhbuild sanitycheck and nothing appeared so it means that it’s ok 😀


Then we have to write jhbuild build to see which packages are missing, in my case there were about 50 I think, so I have to look for them and also installed them, it takes a long time 😦

Also if you want to see the packages that are already installed and the optional packages you have to write jhbuild sysdeps instead of jhbuild build.

And gtkspell3 was the last one 😀


Finally when I installed the 50 packages 😀 I was ready to use  this command jhbuild build pygobject


When it was complete, in spanish ÉXITO, it means sucess!


Now, finally we are ready to do things like this example 😀


I hope this post could help who wants to install JHBuild 🙂 That’s all for now, thanks for reading 😀




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