Session 3 – Part 1 – Newcomers

Today we are going to know more about the newcomers guide to contribute to fedora or gnome applications, for that we had the help of one trainer in Nautilus, his name is Carlos Soriano and we were with his online support.

If you want to contribute and you’ve never been involved in this kind of things you have to start wih the newcomers guide here. As the newcomers guide said to contribute we need four steps:


Carlos Soriano told us that we don’t need to be the best programming but if you know a bit of object oriented programming and git you can start contributing.

Now, you can press the button Let’s do it! in the page. There you get the link to the IRC chat where you can get help exclusive for newcomers.

Then press Gotcha, let’s go! There we have the first step to contribute: Choose a project. The project that I’ve choosen was Nautilus


Now, after you choose your project press the button Build the project. We need to get flatpak, it is first necessary to set up a development environment with the latest version, for that reason we need to get flatpak, all this will allow us to make changes, test them, and create patches. Actually I have Fedora 27 so I’ve had already installed flatpak, only I had to check my version.


Then you have to download Builder to clone a GNOME project using it. I installed it with this command:


Builder uses Flatpak to compile and run your project in a “sandbox”.  It takes a long time to download but finally you have this when it finished.

unnamed (1)

Press the button Clone..

unnamed (2).png

And the repository url for nautilus is press Clone to continue, there we have to wait for the installation of Sdk.

When it finished you will able to see the files for the project


Now you can start seeing how to fix a bug and then solve it to contribute in that way for the project, good luck for everyone.



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