Session 5 – Part 1 – Gtk with Python

Today we are going to use Gtk with Python and for that we can check our version of Python just type python


Then I’m going to install pygobject3-devel


this code just create an empty window that close the program when you close the window


and then we run it with python


Now, if you want to set the title, you have to add the line win.set_title(“The Text”) like this


And finally you can run it


Now we are going to create another file that have to allow us lo go to the web page of 4 languages, there we are going to add a label and gtk.listbox that contains 4 gtklistboxrow in order to create some like this


We create a Gtk.Box that will contain all (our first label and gtklistbox and so on)

Here is how it works

  1. box_outer contain label and gtklistbox
  2. gtklistbox contain gtklistboxrow and hbox
  3. hbox contain button


All that we did was to create the same 4 rows and just change the link for each one using gtklinbutton also to create the link and open it in Chrome.

You can check the code here.

Finally we were seeing how to search bugs in gnome here.

In the next picture we are able to see the nautilus bugs clicking in Issues


There we can grep bugs for people who are Newcomers like me


Also we saw the projects for Fedora in this link


we saw one project called system_config_language that wants to create something like a button for example that change the language configuration for all the system including apps browser keyword etc




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